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Fight for Sight funds pioneering research to prevent sight loss and treat eye disease in adults and children. Each year, we provide a range of funding opportunities for research teams based in the UK who are attached to recognised academic or medical institutions. You can read summaries of our research projects below.


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Fight for Sight RP Fighting Blindness Small Grant Award

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Preventing or reversing age-related blindness electrically

Exploring a new approach to preventing sight loss from AMD

April 16 - March 17
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Identifying disease indicators (biomarkers) of Early AMD

January 18 - December 18
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Do environmental changes to DNA play a part in the risk of getting AMD?

Gathering the information we need to reduce the risk of severe sight loss.

November 14 - August 15
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Automatic computer analysis of blood vessels in wet AMD

Building up a picture of the effects of different treatments

May 15 - April 16
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An augmented-reality headset to help people with low vision see well-enough to do everyday tasks.

Non-invasive technology to help people with AMD

April 14 - August 14
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How do connections in the retina re-wire after damage to the light-sensors?

Laying the groundwork for successful stem cell transplants.

November 15 - September 16
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