2.6 Challenge fundraising ideas

With the impact of Covid-19, no government support and a cancelled marathon we need to get creative to keep on funding research. But we will never stop fighting for sight. 

The 2.6 Challenge is an opportunity for everyone to do something fun to raise money for vital eye research. Whether it’s running 2.6 miles, baking 26 cakes or climbing 26 stairs, you can be as creative as you like as part of this amazing event that's running between 26 April - 3 May.

Take part in the 2.6 challenge

Not sure what to do? We have put together the 26 ideas below to help inspire you! 

1. 26 laps around your garden.

2. A quiz with 26 questions.

3. Run 2.6 KM.

4. Baking 26 baked goods.

5. Stream a 26 minute class in your special skill.

6. Do 26 drawings of your friends and family as gifts.

7. Do 26 Press ups/squats- whatever your favourite workout is. Do you have children that could try to join in?

8. Record 26 lovely messages of lockdown encouragement for your supporters.

9. Cycle 2.6KMs or 26 miles over the course of a week?

10. Learn 26 words/phrases in another language and record yourself showing off your new skill!

11. Learn 26 new dance moves.

12. Write a recipe book with 26 of your favourite recipes.

13. Challenge your family or friends to take it in turns to say 26 plant names or capital cities as quickly as you can (the subject choices are endless).

14. Take a 26 minute class online.

15. Hop on one leg 26 times.

16. Take 26 photos that inspire you and share with supporters.

17. Hula hoops for 26 minutes.

18. Give up something you love for 26 days starting on the 26 April marathon day eg chocolate, wine, biscuits.

19. Host a board game challenge online- can you complete a game in 26 minutes?

20. Do 26 keepy uppys in a row.

21. Learn 26 new yoga moves.

22. Do a zoom bingo with 26 squares.

23. Climb your staircase 26 times.

24. Do 26 pancake flips in a row.

25. Host a 26 item treasure hunt on zoom- challenge your friends to find the items in their homes. Who can be the fastest.

26. Ultra-challenge! Do 26 hours of an activity in relay with your housemates/family! 26hours of yoga? Painting? Knitting? Whatever you love doing!

Share a photo or video of your challenge on social media with #TwoPointSixChallenge or send us a picture at events@fightforsight.org.uk!