Today you can join Debbie in the fight for sight

Debbie's fight for sight

Debbie was diagnosed at the age of 21 with a genetic disorder called Usher syndrome II. The condition causes hearing impairment and progressive vision loss due to retinitis pigmentosa (RP).

Now aged 52, Debbie has tunnel vision and night blindness. Cataracts have formed as a result of RP and she also has astigmatism.

But she has hope for the future. And it comes from people like you, who can help to fund the vital eye research that can prevent and treat sight loss.

As Debbie herself says,

“It’s incredible that people just disregard my disability because it appears that I look normal. I want to raise awareness so more people understand the condition.”

We’re currently only able to fund one in eight of the research projects we receive. Look Debbie in the eye and say that’s anywhere near good enough. That sight isn't worth fighting for.

If you want that to change, please show your support with a monthly gift today. Your regular support really can make a difference.

Research promises so much for the future. But if there’s not enough funding for eye research, we won’t get the breakthroughs.

For Debbie and so many others who are or will be affected with sight loss, please help.

Together, we can create a future everyone can see.

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