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Today, we can only fund one in every eight eye research projects. Here’s how your support could help do more to prevent, treat and even reverse sight loss conditions like Horace’s:

  • Pay for essential research equipment
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  • Create progress in a wide range of conditions.
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Horace is 77 years old, and frustrated. Very frustrated.

It’s no wonder, when research into conditions like glaucoma, a condition that affects so many is chronically underfunded. Horace knows just how much it compromises everyday life for thousands of people just like him across the country.

Glaucoma is one of the world’s most common eye conditions. It causes sight loss that is currently irreversible. So why can we only fund one in every eight eye research projects today?

We can’t look Horace in the eye and say that’s anywhere near good enough. Can you?

Every project we are currently unable to fund could hold the next vital breakthrough. For those breakthroughs, we need research. For research, we need funding.

Please join Horace’s fight for sight, right now. Your gift can help create a future everyone can see.


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