Today you can join Red in the fight for sight

Red's fight for sight

Red’s world was turned upside down when, at the age of 19, he was diagnosed with the inherited condition retinitis pigmentosa. He was given the devastating news that he would be blind by the age of 30. He went from being an active young man who enjoyed rock climbing, rugby and cycling to becoming wholly reliant on a white cane. He now lives in worry that his children and grandchildren could develop the same condition.

But he has hope for the future. And it comes from people like you, who can help to fund the vital eye research that can prevent and treat sight loss.

We’re currently only able to fund one in eight of the research projects we receive. Look Red in the eye and say that’s anywhere near good enough. That sight isn't worth fighting for.

If you want that to change, please show your support with a monthly gift today. Your regular support really can make a difference.

Research promises so much for the future. But if there’s not enough funding for eye research, we won’t get the breakthroughs.

For Red and so many others who are or will be affected with sight loss, please help.

Together, we can create a future everyone can see.

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Please give just £3 a month to help people like Red look forward to a future where sight loss can be prevented, treated and reversed.

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