Covid-19 Update

As further lockdown restrictions come into force across the UK, we want to assure our supporters that our shared mission of creating a world everyone can see continues.

Below is some useful information regarding our research, sight loss and eye health during lockdown.

Information and advice for people with eye conditions surrounding Covid-19

We have partnered with RNIB, Guide Dogs, Visionary, VICTA, Vision UK and the Macular Society to bring our supporters answers to some of the most frequently asked questions around coronavirus and eye conditions. 

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Fight for Sight highlights difficulties faced by people with sight loss during second lockdown

Fight for Sight is raising awareness of the difficulties people with sight loss are facing as a result of renewed lockdown restrictions.

A survey of people with sight loss carried out by the eye research charity in May found that half of working age people said their eye condition made it harder to cope with the lockdown restrictions, while almost half said their mental health had got worse since the pandemic began.

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How Fight for Sight is continuing our vital work during lockdown

At Fight for Sight we are doing our best to continue funding pioneering research but our survey of researchers in the field of ophthalmology shows Covid-19 risks bringing sight-saving research to a standstill. 

We plan to fund PhD Studentships in the year ahead, in an effort to establish a future pipeline of research leading to breakthroughs into treatments for sight loss and eye conditions. However we need the help of our supporters now more than ever.

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Tips on maintaining good eye health during lockdown 

Fight for Sight Clinical Research PhD Fellow Dr Darren S J Ting from the University of Nottingham specialises in corneal infection. Here he answers questions around maintaining good eye health during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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Social distancing and sight loss

A survey by Fight for Sight has found that two in five respondents with significant sight loss were having difficulty following social distancing rules.

Fight for Sight has been raising awareness of the difficulties people with sight loss have been facing during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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Social distancing tips with sight loss blogger 'thatblind.ishmum'

Although it is vital that members of the public take responsibility in maintaining the required two-meter distance, we have asked blogger, Charlotte, aka 'thatblind.ishmum' to share her top tips for social distancing for people with sight loss 

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