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From top left (clockwise): Minnie, Alessia, Jackson, Dimi, Mollie, and Alfie
From top left (clockwise): Minnie, Alessia, Jackson, Dimi, Mollie, and Alfie

Team CRB1 is the evolution from Minnie’s Miracle Fund that was set up by Minnie’s parents back in March 2019. This is their story.

Minnie was diagnosed with inherited eye condition, Leber’s Congenital Amaurosis (LCA) in October 2018, at just three months’ old. In March 2019 parents, Caroline and Mark, decided to set up a Fight for Sight Family Fund to raise money for research into the condition.

Since then, Minnie’s Miracle fund has welcomed five other families who also have family members affected by CRB1 gene-related eye conditions. These children are Alessia, Jackson, Dimi, Mollie and Alfie.

These families are working together, supporting each other and raising vital funds into potentially life-changing research that could lead to treatments or possibly a cure.

Team CRB1 said: “Vital research needs to happen now to help preserve and prevent deterioration of the limited sight of our kids and family members. Our aim is raising funds and awareness to help give our little people a future they can actually see as well as live, feel, smell and touch.”

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  • Setting up a Fight for Sight Family Fund

    Fight for Sight funds pioneering eye research to help create a future everyone can see. Our research programmes are currently developing ways we can better diagnose, prevent and treat eye conditions such as glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease and childhood blindness. Even rare inherited diseases. We believe all sight loss is not inevitable. It is only through medical research we will make sight loss a thing of the past.

    Setting up a Family Fund, like Team CRB1, is a great way to fundraise as a family or group for eye research. 

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