Volunteer to cheer on our London Marathon Runners

03 April 23

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Press Office

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Would you like to cheer for our runners at the London Marathon? We are very excited to get together at the marathon this year especially and will be supporting runners across Fight for Sight and Vision Foundation.

Could you join us on Sunday, 23 April, for the 2023 London Marathon?

We'll cheer on the 23 runners fundraising by running the 26.2 miles. You can find us at one of two cheering points. We will be at:

  1. Cutty Sark (Mile 7) around 8 am to 12:30 pm
  2. Whittington Gardens (near Cannon St station) – mile 23.5 around 12:30 pm- 3 pm

Afterwards, we'll finish at St James's Park and meet our runners. Please see the Map for details of where to find us.

Fight for Sight staff including Director of Development, Ranjeet Khare, cheering on runners in the 2022 London Marathon. Ranjeet holds a megaphone

Practical information for supporting our marathon runners

Running the marathon is a long day, and supporting it can be, too. Here are some things you need to know. 

Food and drink

There are plenty of places nearby to pick up sandwiches and drinks, but make sure also to bring along your water bottle and snacks to give you plenty of energy to cheer on our runners.


We have picked places with nearby facilities (usually pubs or cafes) so you can pick up things on the way.

Cheering points

We will be teaming up with our new colleagues at Vision Foundation, so look out for the large Vision Foundation banner at Whittington Gardens! Please wear one of our branded t-shirts if you have one, or get in touch ASAP to request one by emailing events@fightforsight.org.uk.

TCS London Marathon App

The app makes it much easier to keep track of any friends and family who are running as it will update with their mile marker points as they go. Make sure you have it downloaded before the day.

Take a selfie

If you are snapping photos throughout the day, we would love to see them! If you are happy to share your pictures for us to use on our social media, website and future promotional materials, please send us some of your favourites. 

The marathon is always enjoyable, and it is inspiring to see people running past and knowing that by cheering them on, you keep them going.