Celebrating 15 years of fundraising for the Tommy Salisbury Choroideremia Fund

28 February 20

written by:

Anna Sale

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Image description: Tommy and his family stand together smiling, wearing masks and formal wear. They are stood in front of a sparkling wall with an arch of Fight for Sight coloured balloons surrounding them

120 guests hid behind their masks in order to raise a total of £1,600 towards the Tommy Salisbury Choroideremia Fund through Fight for Sight. Hosted by Tommy’s mother, Emma, and grandmother, Dot, the event brought together many friends and family. 

The fund was set up 15 years ago by the family to fund research into choroideremia – an eye condition that affects their son, Tommy. With the help of family friends, colleagues and other families affected by choroideremia, the Salisbury’s have fundraised tirelessly over the years to help support vital research into the condition. Money raised so far has funded research that has led to a possible new gene therapy for choroideremia, which is having positive results for patients at clinical trial.

Dot said about the event: “We all enjoyed putting on our glad rags and masks to celebrate the Tommy Salisbury Fund reaching another huge milestone, raising over £600,000 since 2005 for the research into Choroideremia. We have so many people to thank who have been supporting us since the beginning and helped us achieve our success.”

The Salisburys have made even more plans for fundraising activities for the upcoming year in order to find a treatment for choroideremia.

For more information on the Tommy Salisbury Family Fund click here.

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