Fight for Sight November Community Day: Bringing our supporters together

01 December 17

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Fight for Sight was delighted to have held our third annual community day on November 17th 2017.

The day was an opportunity for our supporters to gather together, share ideas and updates with the group, and also hear from Fight for Sight about our plans, and their role in them, as we embark on our new 5 strategy. Supporters had the chance to mingle with the staff members as well as amongst themselves. The day was full of great enthusiasm,  and was wonderful for members of the staff team and supporters alike, who were left feeling motivated for the year ahead.

Michele Acton, our Chief Executive, welcomed our guests and shared our values, vision and future plans for Fight for Sight.

Michele Acton catching up with Claire Henley and Julian Henley

Our community of supporters are so important to the work that we do at Fight for Sight, without them and their fundraising efforts the work that we do simply wouldn’t be possible. For this reason it was particularly lovely for staff and supporters to be able to share a lunch together. The energy in the room was one like no other. Our team and our supporters were able to connect with ideas, stories, laughter and so much more.

With the afternoon in full swing it was fascinating for attendees to hear from Professor Francesca Cordeiro on her research into glaucoma and retinal neurodegeneration, and also her work as a Fight for Sigh Trustee. There were also sessions from Fight for Sight’s fundraising team and research teams, with the afternoon concluding with a community led session; full of ideas and insight into everyone’s success stories, future goals and expectations.

Fight for Sight Community Afternoon Lunch

Tina Roberts, whose daughter Rose was diagnosed with Stargardt macular dystrophy when she was seven years old, has been a Fight for Sight supporter for six years. Tina was even able to spend the afternoon with us the day before a big fundraising event of her own. Rose’s dance school, Terri Jayne Theatre Arts (a long term and valued supporter of Fight for Sight), was having their 25th anniversary ball on the 18th of November – with Tina’s help they managed to raise over £2,000 on the night for Fight for Sight. A huge thanks and a massive well done to Tina and Terri Jayne Theatre Arts.

“Fight for Sight wants to make a difference and that’s what counts,” said Tina.

The community day was put on to serve as an exciting and important opportunity for supporters like Tina to meet the team and start lasting relationships with our new staff team, so we can work better together in the future towards the same shared goals.

“I want the same goal as Fight for Sight does…I want my daughter to see,” said Tina.

Dot Grindley and Emma Salisbury have been supporting Fight for Sight since 2005. “My father was blind, so I passed it to Emma who has passed it to Tommy,” said Dot. Dot and Emma set up the Tommy Salisbury Choroideremia Fund and since then with the help of their family and friends have done numerous wonderful fundraising events and raised over £500,000.

Without a doubt, our community day was one everyone enjoyed. It was great to connect with our supporters, to receive feedback and formulate new ideas together. We would like to take the opportunity to thank all our fantastic supporters for making the day such a success.

If you are interested in hearing more about or getting involved in fundraising for Fight for Sight, please contact Beth

From left to right: Emma Salisbury,Dot Grindley, Judith Potts, Julian Henley, Claire Henley, Nicola Woodhouse, Debbie White, Beth Joy (Events and Community Officer) and Ed Jackson (Events & Community Manager).

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