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30 October 17

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Mudsy’s Mud Kitchen pitching in to help save Tommy’s sight

Imagine being told that your child will lose their eyesight and that there isn't a cure – yet. It’s difficult to imagine having that conversation but it’s what had to happen in the Salisbury family when Tommy, at the age of five, was diagnosed with Choroideremia, a rare inherited condition which causes progressive loss of vision.

But the family and some of their friends decided the thing they could do to help save Tommy's sight is to fundraise for research.

Their latest fundraising idea, run as a raffle over the summer, was the offer of a limited edition mud kitchen, hand painted by the artist Mudsy. A mud kitchen is designed to encourage children to play outside and get their hands dirty.

The family and their fantastic supporters smashed their original fundraising goal of £600 to raise more than £1200 with this one raffle. It was a simple idea, asking people to donate £5 in return for a spot in the raffle, which was won by Jessica Reid.

Tommy’s Mum, Emma, said “I am so grateful to Joel & Natalie for donating such a fantastic prize to Tommy’s fund. This is the second mud kitchen that they have kindly given us and have been part of Team Tommy since 2005 and I know we can count on their support until our goal is reached. Thank you both so much.”

This adds to the incredible total of more than £500,000 which the Salisburys and their friends and family have raised in the last 13 years. As a result of these fundraising efforts, researchers have progressed to clinical trials on a potential treatment for Tommy’s condition.

Although the raffle has taken place, you can still make a donation with funds going to support Fight for Sight:

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