Pearse Keane

Pearse is a Consultant Ophthalmologist (Medical Retina) at Moorfields Eye Hospital and a NIHR Clinician Scientist, University College London (UCL).

Pearse specializes in applied clinical imaging research, with a particular interest in OCT. Prior to his appointment at Moorfields, he carried out OCT research with the original inventors of the technology at the Doheny Eye Institute, US. His work focuses on late stage development, clinical testing and translation of new imaging technologies into clinical practice, and the novel application of these devices for the generation and validation of anatomic biomarkers, for use in trials and in routine clinical practice.

In January 2015 he was awarded a “Clinician Scientist” award from the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) – the first ophthalmologist in the UK to receive the award – and his remit is to explore the potential of new medical technologies and innovation in the treatment of visual impairment and blindness, with a particular focus on ophthalmic imaging. Pearse predicts that increased miniaturization of OCT devices and their use to perform comprehensive, automated eye exams will transform ophthalmology.

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