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Fight for Sight funds pioneering research to prevent sight loss and treat eye disease in adults and children. Each year, we provide a range of funding opportunities for research teams based in the UK who are attached to recognised academic or medical institutions. You can read summaries of our research projects below.


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Investigating the unexpected role of transport motors inside light-detector cells

A new line of research that could lead to developing treatment for inherited retinal disorders

October 16 - September 19
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Investigation and treatment of intronic ABCA4 mutations in patients with inherited retinal dystrophy

A proportion of the causative mutations include those that occur within introns of the gene.

October 17 - September 20
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Searching for more of the genes behind inherited central vision loss

Taking the first step towards targeted treatment and helping families plan for the future

January 15 - February 16
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Overcoming the barriers to gene therapy in Leber congenital amaurosis

Finding out which patients might benefit in a step towards clinical trials.

April 15 - August 15
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Understanding inherited blindness due to light-sensor cells with ‘broken antennas’

Identifying targets for treatment and potential new drugs to prevent damage to the retina in Bardet Biedl syndrome

February 15 - January 16
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Choosing the right cells for cell replacement therapy

Aiming to develop a practical way to bring stem cell transplants to clinical trials and beyond.

January 15 - December 17
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What stops transplanted cells from reaching the right part of the eye?

Cutting-edge stem cell research.

October 15 - September 18
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Cell recycling and macular degeneration

Developing a way of testing specific drugs on human cells as a step towards rescuing central vision

December 16 - March 17
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The RP Genome Project

Top genetics research institutes working together.

September 14 - August 18
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Does choroideremia affect more than the eye?

A study to follow up recent evidence that faults in the REP1 protein may affect metabolism

January 17 - December 17
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