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Fight for Sight funds pioneering research to prevent sight loss and treat eye disease in adults and children. Each year, we provide a range of funding opportunities for research teams based in the UK who are attached to recognised academic or medical institutions. You can read summaries of our research projects below.


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A patient-friendly way to measure flare-ups of birdshot uveitis

Developing non-invasive scanning to improve treatment options

November 15 - October 16
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Can supercell analysis diagnose Birdshot uveitis?

Crunching numbers to speed up diagnosis for a very rare condition.

March 15 - March 16
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Studying birdshot using stem cells from patients

Making it easier to fill in the gaps in current knowledge and create a test bed for developing treatments

January 17 - December 17
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Are the genetics of birdshot related to iron overload in the eye?

Investigating a link that could lead to a new option for treatment with a drug that’s already available

January 17 - December 17
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Are there any early signs or symptoms that can predict Birdshot’s course?

Helping people with a long-term condition to plan for the future.

January 15 - October 15
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Can we develop a fast, reliable and cheap way to monitor Birdshot’s progress?

Testing a handheld device that measures electrical activity in the eye.

November 14 - October 15
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The effect of light therapy on birdshot

Testing a potential low-cost treatment that could be developed for home use

February 16 - March 17
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How many new cases of birdshot are there each year?

A UK study that’s the first of its kind in the world.

June 17 - June 19
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A National Birdshot Biobank and Registry: Phase 2

The UK National Biobank and Registry staff are now ready to roll out their sample collection and data-gathering over the next 12 months to six eye hospital sites in England.

January 18 - December 18
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Are some people with uveitis being given the wrong diagnosis?

Helping people get the right treatment.

January 15 - December 15
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