Covid-19 doesn’t care about glaucoma research.

Will you ensure our glaucoma progress continues?

Donating today would mean we can still achieve our goals for improving glaucoma treatments. Don’t let Covid-19 bring this research to a standstill, just as we’re on the brink of making an important breakthrough.

Dr Darryl Overby, the lead researcher on a Fight for Sight funded project using pioneering ‘organ-on-a-chip technology, was on track to revolutionise glaucoma treatment. He was all set to use this incredible tool to recreate a laboratory on a device the size of a matchbox and unlock the secrets of eye pressure.

He was ready to test aspects of glaucoma previously difficult to investigate in order to streamline the approach. Dr Darryl and his team would have been much further along their way if only the pandemic hadn’t taken place. Your help could enable them to get back to the lab and continue their vital work.


Researcher Dr Darryl Overby

Please donate £20 today so that Dr Darryl can continue learning everything he can about eye pressure to address this leading cause of blindness in the UK. Losing some of your sight through glaucoma can turn your world upside down and affects 600,000 people UK-wide. If Dr Darryl can get going again, his hope is that sight loss, late diagnosis and treatments that don’t work for everyone could be things of the past.

We can’t let Covid-19 keep researchers like Dr Darryl out of the labs and halt our sight-saving work. Support us today and, together, we’ll make medical breakthroughs for sight loss fast. 


£30 could help pay for 100 microscope slides and over slips that are the mainstay of laboratory experiments.

£50 could help pay for the publication of Dr Overby’s research and help speed up the development of new treatments for Glaucoma.

£120 (£10 per month) could help pay for hydrogel key component in the ‘organ-on-chip’ device and help improve our understanding of pressure control in the eye.