What numbers are Fight for Sight using to make calls to me?

Currently calls are being made using the following numbers: xxxxxx

If you receive a call from any of these numbers and would prefer not to receive any future calls from us; please redial the number you were contacted from and enter your phone number when prompted to do so.

Why did I receive a phone call from Fight for Sight?

If you have not previously supported Fight for Sight and have received a phone call from us, this will be because you have expressed an interest in hearing about our work, through one of our carefully selected partners. Our partners specialise in finding people who might be interested in supporting our work through various websites, telephone surveys and questionnaires - we're very careful about the partners we choose to work with.

This means you should only ever receive a call from us if you have expressed an interest in supporting our work. Unfortunately, there are times when we can receive an incorrect phone number, which has been provided to us by mistake. If you do receive a call from us which you have not requested, please do let us know and we'll be happy to help ensure you no longer receive calls from us.

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