Will you give the gift that powers cutting-edge research and restores sight?

Unfortunately, for over 1.2 million people potentially living with macular disease, Christmas will lack definition this year. That’s why we’re funding pioneering research that could restore sight to people affected by these conditions.

We know lockdown has a substantial impact on those with sight loss, who can find it difficult to social distance safely and access vital treatment - and also on our researchers and their sight-saving research. That's why your support is more important than ever.

Donating today could make all the difference to achieving our goal, for this and other sight saving research. Macular degeneration causes damage to the cone photoreceptor cells in an area in the retina called the macula. These light-sensing cells play a major role in our ability to see detail and colour and, once they’re damaged, there’s no way of getting them back. Without a cure for any of the macular degeneration conditions, including Stargardt disease and age-related macular degeneration, Professor Rachael Pearson’s work is well timed. 


Professor Pearson and her team, now at King’s College London Centre for Cell and Gene Therapy, are developing a pre-organised stem cell patch of replacement photoreceptors. When transplanted into the retina, they expect this to look and act like a macula. Professor Pearson says, “The patches will create regions where the cells can wire up and function normally. In mimicking the lost photoreceptor cells, the patches will enable the macula to work as it should – and restore people’s sight to them.”

Please donate £20 today so that researchers like Professor Pearson can continue their pioneering work and potentially reverse sight loss.

Hundreds and thousands of people in the UK who have been diagnosed with a macular disease are waiting for this opportunity. We also want sight-restoring treatment ready for 1.2 million people estimated to be at the early stages of one of these conditions, age-related macular degeneration. Reversing sight loss would transform people’s lives, allowing them to read, carry out daily tasks and see loved ones’ faces again.

It would give hundreds and thousands of people, perhaps including someone you care about, back their independence. One in five of us experience sight loss or blindness in our lifetimes, with the situation set to escalate by 2050, so it really is vital work. With your support, we can fund cutting-edge, transformative research like this and give everyone living with macular disease an opportunity to see colour and detail once more.



Your Christmas gift will make all the difference to people with sight loss 

could pay for an hour of imaging to see the growing photoreceptor cells in 3D using a microscope

£100 could buy us key signalling molecules that we could test to see if they help turn stem cells into photoreceptors

£250 could contribute towards training researchers in the specialised culture handling and treatment of cells

£500 could contribute to the costs involved in publicly sharing our work’s advances with the research and patient communities

£750 could help to purchase probes for a new technique that would allow us to look at multiple genes at a time, maximising research efficiency

£1,000 could help us pay to culture and maintain stem cell lines, forming the basis of the macular patch 

These are examples of the vital work you might help fund. Your donation will be put to work straight away where it can make the most difference. Please note that the research project is an example of the work we do in fighting sight loss.

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