ThinkUV this summer

Fight for Sight and contact lenses supplier Vision Direct are teaming up to encourage everyone to #ThinkUV this summer and keep their shades on while they’re out in the sun.

Reasons to keep your shades on this summer

Sunglasses properly marked with a CE symbol must meet the European standard for UV protection and will keep away UV rays which can otherwise damage your eyes.

Many surfaces reflect UV radiation back up at you. For instance sand reflects about 10% - 25% and snow reflects up to 80% of UV radiation.

UV rays can reach your eyes from the side too. Wearing wraparound sunglasses with wide arms is a good way to prevent this.

Direct bright sunlight or glare can be a trigger for migraines. Wearing sunglasses can decrease the intensity of light reaching your eyes, helping to reduce the chances of a headache.

When you're driving, the last thing you need is glare hitting your eyes as this can be incredibly distracting. The right pair of sunglasses can cut our glare, helping you to focus on the road ahead.