MRC/Fight for Sight Clinical Research Training Fellowship

Fight for Sight is pleased to announce a Clinical Research Training Fellowship jointly funded by Fight for Sight and the Medical Research Council (MRC). 

Applications are being invited for the Fellowship which offers scientific training opportunities to a clinician wishing to pursue research to prevent sight loss and treat eye disease.

Three-year funding is available for clinically qualified, active professionals to undertake specialised or further research training. The scheme will support a dual clinical-research training career path by allowing Fellows to spend up to 20% of their time on NHS sessions.

The Fellowship is awarded at the clinical pre-doctoral or entry level (although medically qualified applicants who obtained their PhD some time ago may also exceptionally be considered). Fellows are required to register for a research degree, normally a PhD, based on the research undertaken during the Fellowship. Nurses and allied health professionals (including optometrists and orthoptists) are also eligible to apply but must have completed their professional training and hold a Masters degree or equivalent postgraduate research-oriented qualification.

The scheme is administered by the MRC, application details can be found on the MRC website

Important information for applicants can be found in the following document

Guidance for Applicants

These joint Clinical Training Research Fellowships are subject to Fight for Sight's Intellectual Property Rights policy and additional Terms and Conditions.


This funding opportunity is held three times a year. Please visit here for further details and ensure that the Funding Opportunity type is 'Fellowships'.

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