Our commitment to you

The work we do is completely down to you, our incredible supporters who help us in the fight against sight loss.

A huge portion of our support comes from a large number of individual donations, sponsored events and by people remembering us in their Wills. Our supporters also regularly hold community fundraising events in our name, which are organised through local groups and volunteers. We also actively raise money through grants and corporate sponsorship.

We know the way we operate and behave is important to you. This is something we take seriously.

We spend your money carefully

For every £1 spent, 73p funds our pioneering research and helps people to understand and fight sight loss. The remaining 27p funds essential running costs to help create a world everyone can see. As a charity with limited funds, we look at ways we can reduce costs and run the charity more efficiently. Further details on our finances can be found in our annual report and accounts.

We fund the best quality science

Only medical research can bring an end to sight loss. We use your donation to fund the very best research. We currently have a commitment of £8.4million for over 150 projects at 35 UK universities and hospitals. Each year we spend £3-4million on new research projects. All applications for funding are rigorously peer reviewed by international leaders in the relevant disease areas to ensure we are funding world class research. Further details on our commitment to research can be found in our research strategy.

We are committed to high standards

As a charity focussed on enabling people to see, our aim is to be clear-sighted and accessible to all. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality of service. You can opt out of receiving communications at any time by calling us on 020 7264 3900 and we’ll update your details and preferences immediately. Find out more about our fundraising promise or ways that you can get in touch with us.

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