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Charities call for chancellor to address Cost of Living Crisis for Disabled People

Fight for Sight / Vision Foundation has signed a joint letter from the disability sector calling for urgent support with the cost of living for disabled people.

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15 November 2023

How you can support Westminster Eye Health Day

The Eyes Have It is a partnership that includes Fight for Sight / Vision Foundation. In December, the Partnership will host Westminster Eye Health Day and publish a report that supports calls for a National Eye Care Plan in England. Please support us by getting your MP to attend.

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08 November 2023

Gemma Owen joins our research team in the lab

Gemma Owen joined us for a visit to a lab researching Stargardt disease.

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23 October 2023

The change we want to see: Leaders with Visual Impairment unite

Hosted at Westminster on October 26, Vis-Ability was a UK first. An event bringing together and celebrating leaders with visual impairments and key members of the sight loss community, to grow our influence and impact across society.

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27 September 2023

Let’s Dream Big: Our Future Health - Collecting Our Population’s Big Data

You may have heard of Our Future Health, a study that’s aiming to recruit up to five million people to develop new ways to prevent, detect and treat diseases. Fight for Sight is proud to be an affiliate of Our Future Health, meaning volunteer data can be used to help researchers develop a new understanding of eye diseases within our population. Steven Smith, a Grants manager at Fight for Sight, has decided to take part in the study. Although only the start of the journey, he shared his experiences of being involved so far…

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25 September 2023

World Retina Day 2023: Spotlight on Retinitis Pigmentosa

Today is World Retina Day. Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) is a group of disorders that produce a gradual loss of vision. It affects approximately one in 5000 worldwide. Learn about it in four minutes with our quick guide.

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24 September 2023

Q&A: Talking CUREUsher with its Vice Chair and Co-founder

Stephen White is co-founder of CUREUsher, which exists to support people living with Usher Syndrome and to influence policy changes. Our CEO, Keith Valentine, spoke to him in our latest podcast. Read the Q&A

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22 September 2023

The Cost Society Pays for Underfunding Sight-Saving Research

Maintaining and safeguarding eye health is something we should all do, but we’re also calling for more funding for sight-saving research. We explore five key statistics that reveal the scale of the underfunding and the economic impacts.

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22 September 2023

National Eye Health Week 2023: What can your eyes tell you about your general health?

Looking after your eyes is vital for all of us, as early diagnosis can lead to better interventions. Besides safeguarding your sight, regular eye tests could also reveal other underlying physiological issues. The eyes can effectively be a window to your health, revealing cues from neurological conditions to eyelid cancer.

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20 September 2023

5 rare sight loss conditions you may not have heard of

Learn more about birdshot chorioretinopathy, corneal dystrophy, stargardt disease, uveal melanoma, and wolfram syndrome.

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19 September 2023