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Each year, we provide a range of funding opportunities for research teams based in the UK who are attached to recognised academic or medical institutions. You can read summaries of our research projects below.


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Developing a new approach to measuring visual function

Researchers aim to develop a new approach to measuring visual function.

October 17 - September 19
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Development of novel antimicrobial therapy for Acanthamoeba Keratitis

Researchers seek to develop novel HDPs with enhanced efficacy and safety to treat Acanthamoeba Keratitis (AK).

April 21 - April 22
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Developing hybrid antimicrobial peptides to treat corneal infection

The aim of the project is to design and develop a novel class of antimicrobial agent - human-derived hybrid AMPs - to treat corneal infection.

August 19 - August 21
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A patient-friendly way to measure flare-ups of birdshot uveitis

Developing non-invasive scanning to improve treatment options

November 15 - October 16
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What environmental changes to DNA are involved in AMD?

Testing and re-testing to make sure we do sound science.

September 16 - August 17
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A single-shot 3D camera for better eye exams

Using 21st century technology to detect and monitor the causes of sight loss.

January 16 - December 16
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Is there a link between glaucoma and interrupted breathing during sleep?

Helping to find out why treatment doesn’t work in some people with high eye pressure.

March 16 - March 17
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Too much of one thing or too little of another: what’s behind your intermediate uveitis?

A genetic test that could mean personalised treatment.

May 16 - June 17
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Do stem cells in the cornea have their own genetic ‘fingerprint’?

Improving the stem cell transplant process

January 16 - December 16
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What makes so many corneal donor stem cell transplants fail?

Aiming to restore sight for people with limbal stem cell deficiency in both eyes

January 16 - December 16
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