Grant making process

We aim to fund high quality research that seeks to address sight loss across all eye diseases and conditions. We fund from basic through to clinical research that supports our goals operating through response mode funding and targeted calls.

Research proposals are assessed by the Fight for Sight’s Assessment Panels. The Assessment Panels comprise both clinical and basic researchers who are specialists in a wide range of eye diseases. They make recommendations to the charity’s Social Impact and Scientific Research (SISR) Committee based on the scientific merit, importance of the research and capacity building of the proposed research. Funding decisions are made by the SISR Committee which comprises of both scientific and lay Trustees.

Where funding calls are advertised in collaboration with partner organisations the assessment process will incorporate discussions with the relevant partner to identify areas of strategic interest.


Funding opportunities and deadlines for the submission of applications are published on our website, on stakeholder websites, through specialist networks and social media. Email notifications are sent to those on our grants database. Application forms, guidelines and Terms and Conditions for each grant can be found in Funding opportunities.

The application process

All applications to be considered for funding must be submitted via our online Grants Management System. Application processes are outlined within the guidelines for each scheme.