Collection cans

Displaying a collection can on behalf of Fight for Sight is a really easy way to raise funds, by giving your spare change and encouraging others to do the same!

Our collection cans are suitable for offices, local shops and businesses, letting small donations add up over time. It is also a brilliant way to raise awareness about our work in your local community.

Cardboard collection boxes
We also have cardboard collection boxes available, which are the perfect size to be used at events like a bake sale or put in your home to collect spare change.

Collecting in public
If you are planning on using our collection cans in public, then there are a few guidelines that you will need to follow:
  • If collecting on private property, you must obtain permission from the owner
  • You must ensure that if collecting in a public place, you obtain a licence from the local authority
  • You are not able to carry out house to house collections

If you are unsure about using our collection cans in public, then please get in touch with us using the contact details below to ask any questions.

Paying in your donation

Once your collection can is full, there are a few ways you can send your donation in:

  • Send a cheque to us at 18 Mansell Street, London, E1 8AA made payable to ‘Fight for Sight’
  • Request a paying in slip which can be used at any HSBC bank
  • Give us a call on 020 7264 3900 and pay by card
  • Get in touch for our bank details and transfer the donation

Get involved and contact us

If you have any further questions about the above, or would like to become a collection can holder then please contact Beth by emailing or call 020 7264 3915.

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