Fundraising ideas from the comfort of your living room

There are loads of fun and easy things that you can do to raise much-needed funds for eye research. Check out our ideas below or feel free to go off piste and do something unique that suits you!

Don’t forget to stay safe within government Covid-19 guidelines.


Virtual challenge

Get a team together or simply race yourself by seeing how many steps you can get to in a week. Set up a JustGiving page and get friends and family to sponsor you.

Games night

Host an evening of games and challenges with friends online.  Add a bit of extra fundraising into the night by giving penalty fines for being late or talking about work.

All you need is cake

Host a virtual coffee morning with friends and family – grab a cuppa and a slice of cake, ask for a donation from everyone who attends or challenge your friends to a virtual bake-off competition. Ask people to donate to enter, then share over video or social media.

Host with the most

If you’re feeling more adventurous, host an international evening of fine wine and dining by asking everyone to cook something new they’ve never tried before and compare recipes.

Box of kindness

Fill a jar or box with lovely messages and inspiration. Promote them online and send to people in exchange for donations towards sight loss research.

Host a shindig

Get dressed to the nines, get your favourite music on, and party food out. Meet with friends and ask for donations. You could host a best dressed or best dance move competition or host a quiz to get the party started.

Move over Simon Cowell

Get friends, family and colleagues together for a talent show. Ask them to share their talents online and raise money by asking for donations to take part.


Ask local businesses to donate prizes so you can raffle them off. Great on its own, but a raffle works well as an extra idea at any fundraising event.

Treasure hunt

Organise a treasure hunt for friends and family by laying a trail of clues with an exciting prize at the end. Donate to play!

Love to learn

If you have a special talent or skill, why not teach an online class, like yoga, knitting or music lessons, or help with home schooling - it's a fab way to help people learn new things and share your skills.

Get crafty

Make homemade gifts and send to your friends and family and ask for a donation – everyone loves to receive thoughtful, homemade things, especially if it’s made by someone they care about.

Make Marie Kondo proud

Now's the perfect time to declutter and sell old clothes, books, CDs and DVDs online – try eBay for charity and Facebook Marketplace and Facebook groups if you want to keep it local.

Let the pub come to you

Host a virtual pub quiz over video chat or on social media - invite your friends and family and find out who’s the most competitive player!

Give it up

Challenge yourself to give something up and ask friends and family to sponsor you - it could be a bad habit you’ve always wanted to shake off, or make it even harder and give up your favourite food or tipple.

Games night

Invite your friends to a gaming marathon and place bets on the winner – it’s a great way to keep in touch and have fun at the same time.


Who doesn’t love bingo? Keep it fun, easy and adapt for your audience – from celebrity bingo to world flags to dogs, whatever your friends and family are mad about.

Beard/head shaving

It’s a brave move to colour or shave your head/beard, so why not turn it into a fundraiser? Set a fundraising target and ask people to donate until you reach your target before you go for the big shave!



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