Fundraising ideas from the comfort of your living room

Though we are physically isolated our shared mission continues. By working together we can get through coronavirus and continue to make a difference for people with sight loss and blindness.

We need your help to support life changing research now more than ever. Here are some exciting ideas for how you can fundraise for us from home. This is a perfect time to do something positive and have fun while you’re doing it.

Share your skills

Know a second language? Skilled at DIY? Love baking? Whatever your skill, invite your friends, family or colleagues to join you for a lesson in your chosen skill in exchange for a donation to your fundraising page.

You can stream this live over free apps such as Facetime, Houseparty or Zoom or even film yourself and send the lesson directly.

Social Media Raffle

All you need to do is source some interesting prizes and then allocate tickets to your participants in exchange for donations to your fundraising page. Once you have sold all the tickets you simply draw the winning numbers out at random over social media. You then send the winners their prize in the post or arrange to meet them after the quarantine to give them their goodies.

Challenge yourself

Take on a challenge during isolation. This can be anything from a knit-a-thon or baking contest to running a mile a day around your garden or climbing the height of Snowdon up your stairs! Ask people to sponsor you and update them (and us) on social media.

Quiz time

Lots of people are missing their local pub quiz, so why not do one from home? Get questions from the web and host a video chat with your friends and family using one of the meeting apps. You can either use this as a time to spread the word of support using eye-themed questions, or you could even ask for a donation on your fundraising page for entry to support even further.

Birthday fundraising

Use Facebook donate or your existing fundraising page and ask for donations to help transform the lives of people with sight loss. Friends will often be more than happy to make a donation to a great cause in lieu of being able to keep you company on the day. And, of course, we will very much appreciate it too!

Get in Touch

We hope that you enjoy these lockdown fundraising ideas are useful. If you need any help setting things up or would have a new and exciting idea please let us know.

Give us a call on 020 3828 2934 or email us at

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