Fundraising agreement

Before ordering your fundraising materials, please read the Fight for Sight fundraising agreement

We're grateful for all your efforts in fundraising. We want to help keep your fundraising safe and legal so ask you to first read our fundraising agreement.

Whilst raising money for Fight for Sight I will:

  • Confirm that I am over the age of 18 - if you are under the age of 18 please contact for help and support.
  • Tell Fight for Sight about any planned fundraising activities.
  • Not do anything to bring Fight for Sight into disrepute.
  • Use my best endeavours to raise money for Fight for Sight.
  • Show the charity any materials that I produce that bear Fight for Sight, name or logo, or that mentions the work of the charity prior to distribution.
  • All materials I produce will include 'In aid of Fight for Sight, registered charity number 1111438'.
  • Obtain prior approval from Fight for Sight before approaching any major companies, press or celebrities to support my event.
  • Not carry out house to house collections.
  • Ensure that before collecting in a public place, I'll obtain a licence from the local authority.
  • Not collect on private property without first obtaining permission from the owner.
  • Obtain a raffle licence from my local authority if holding a raffle over more than one day.
  • Acknowledge that Fight for Sight cannot take responsibility for any losses made through my fundraising activity.
  • Return any unused fundraising materials to Fight for Sight.
  • Obtain and pay to Fight for Sight all money raised from my fundraising no later than four weeks after my event is finished.
  • I understand that Fight for Sight may terminate my right to raise funds at any time.
  • Tell Fight for Sight at the earliest possible opportunity if I have had to withdraw from or cancel my event due to injury or other circumstances.
  • Tell Fight for Sight immediately if anything goes wrong with an event, or there is any adverse publicity.
If organising my own event, I will
  • Where appropriate, carry out a risk assessment to mitigate any risks to me, other organisers or the public
  • Take advice on safety precautions from police, fire or other competent people where necessary
  • Make sure my fundraising activity and the people involved (both organisers and the public) are fully covered by insurance.

Want to order some fundraising materials or have any questions? Get in touch with our fundraising team