#50Faces through 50 Years of Fighting for Sight

23 December 15

written by:

Heather Fanning

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To help mark Fight for Sight’s 50th anniversary we launched the #50Faces campaign at the beginning of November.

The charity was founded by Professor Norman Ashton CBE in 1965. At the time Professor Aston was Director of Pathology at the Institute of Ophthalmology and a world leader in eye research. One of his key discoveries helped save the sight of premature babies via controlling the use of oxygen. It therefore seemed appropriate to kick start the campaign with Professor Ashton.

Over the course of 50 consecutive days we introduced a face a day of just some of the many faces over the history of Fight for Sight. These included researchers, clinicians and supporters both past and present that have helped with the fight against sight loss.

The charity’s Royal Patron HRH Duke of York also featured and said: "Thanks to the support given by Fight for Sight, people all over the world are able to benefit from advances in the prevention of blindness and treatment of eye disease. I am certain that funding research into the prevention and treatment of eye diseases is vital in helping to reduce the incidence of these diseases, along with the consequent suffering. It also offers hope to thousands of others. I applaud Fight for Sight in leading the way in this important area of research and in doing so, reminding us all of the importance of our sight. The high value of the work being done by Fight for Sight is incalculable and Fight for Sight deserves our continuing wholehearted support."

The campaign ran on Fight for Sight’s social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter – remember to help spread the word of all their amazing achievements. Check out all our #50Faces here

Through out the campaign we shared some of supporters personal fight for sight stories – you can watch their videos here.