Budget 2016

16 March 16

written by:

Carol Bewick

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What does it mean for research into sight loss?

Budget 2016

I had high hopes for this budget. I thought it might give an indication of hope for health, research and sight loss, but science and innovation were remarkably lacking in the speech. So much so I was tempted to listen to the speech all over again just to make sure I hadn’t missed anything.

Amongst all the political point scoring and talk of tax there were two things which rose to the surface for people with sight loss. The lack of any acknowledgement of the need for increased social care provision and subsequent drain on the economy was possibly the most startling after weeks in the public eye. The ‘sugar tax’ can be seen as a good thing if it goes any way towards reducing type 2 diabetes and subsequent risk of diabetic retinopathy.

I am still hoping that when I read the budget in more detail I’ll find I’ve missed some wonderful news for charity, for people with sight loss or for medical research but until then I shall have to focus on being too old to benefit for a lifetime ISA.