Fight for Sight becomes an affiliate member of Our Future Health

16 August 23

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Press Office

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Fight for Sight has become an affiliate of Our Future Health, which collaborates to use volunteer data to help researchers discover new ways to prevent, detect and treat diseases, including eye disease.

Fight for Sight is proud to announce we have become an affiliate of Our Future Health, a collaboration between the public, charity and private sectors to build the UK's largest health research programme.

The programme brings people together to develop new ways to prevent, detect and treat disease.

It aims to recruit up to five million adult volunteers from across the UK to help researchers discover new ways to prevent, detect and treat diseases. The volunteers provide a blood sample and provide information about their health and lifestyle.

They also consent to allow Our Future Health to access other medical records.  


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Affiliate Charities and Our Future Health

Fight for Sight is joining many of the UK’s leading health research charities providing valuable support and expertise to help develop Our Future Health. They will make a significant impact in allowing us to change how we prevent, detect and treat diseases.

Dr Raghib Ali, CEO and Chief Medical Officer of Our Future Health, said, “We’re thrilled to be working with Fight for Sight/ Vision Foundation as an affiliate charity of Our Future Health. Its expertise in sight loss research offers an exciting opportunity to work together to make discoveries that can prevent sight loss and help those affected by it.”

Dr Madina Kara, Director of Research and Innovation at Fight for Sight/ Vision Foundation, said: “We are pleased to be able to join Our Future Health as an affiliate charity member and look forward to collaborating to bring focus to preventing eye diseases, enhancing understanding of eye diseases and their underlying causes, enabling earlier detection and developing new and improved treatments.”

Advancing Sight Loss Research

There are two million people in the UK currently affected by sight loss, which is set to double by 2050, making sight loss one of the biggest health challenges in the UK.

Fight for Sight/ Vision Foundation has been a leading charity in funding pioneering eye research since 1965. Its mission is to stop sight loss and create a world everyone can see. Sight loss doesn’t always start in the eye, so the charity funds research into sight loss caused by other diseases, including diabetes, dementia and stroke.

Alongside funding research, Fight for Sight/ Vision Foundation provides people affected by sight loss with the information they need and funds innovative services for people with sight loss.