Fight for Sight responds to Gordon Brown's story from his new memoir about his fears for his sight

30 October 17

written by:

Press Office

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Fight for Sight comment

Michele Acton, Chief Executive of Fight for Sight, the eye research charity, comments that: “Gordon Brown’s story of dealing with retinal detachment will sound familiar to many. Retinal detachment can occur in anyone, at any age. It’s been useful for Gordon Brown to share his experience, as whilst the condition can seem quite alarming, surgery to reattach the retina is usually successful, particularly if the detachment is treated quickly.”

Ms Acton also added: “There are cases where the surgery will not be successful. When this occurs, it’s due to a complication called proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR). If PVR develops it can lead to permanent sight loss. Drugs do exist that could treat PVR but they can't be used during retinal detachment surgery without damage to the retina, leading to more sight loss. So, from a research point of view, we need to put resources into developing better treatments that not only work, but are safe.”

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