Fight for Sight launches survey on living with sight loss or an eye condition

23 January 20

written by:

Róisín Treacy

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Two women, one middle-aged, one older, looking at a computer

Fight for Sight has launched a survey to gather broader insights into the personal impact of sight loss and eye conditions.

We are inviting those affected by sight loss or an eye condition – either personally or indirectly via someone they care for – to participate in the survey and strengthen the case for urgently needed eye research funding.

Participation in the survey involves a short phone interview or online survey in which respondents share information and answer questions on how living with sight loss or an eye condition impacts their life or that of the person they care for. Participants can really help to transform the eye research landscape and build a case to secure urgently needed funding for pioneering eye research projects.

Take part in our survey

Alternatively you can phone us on 020 7264 3900 and we can assist you with the signing up process.

The survey is part of Fight for Sight’s wider 2020 campaign, which will include a major research study showing the economic and personal impact of sight loss. The research will be made up of economic analysis, statistics and a literature review to understand the health economics of serious sight loss and blindness.

The findings of the survey, which are due in July 2020, will be used to lobby decision-makers and funding bodies for a national plan on sight loss that will ensure eye research gets the funding it badly needs.

Currently, only one percent of national research funding is invested in eye research, even though twenty percent of people in the UK will experience serious sight loss or blindness in their lifetime. The prevalence of sight loss is also on the rise – the number of people in Europe with the leading cause of blindness, age-related macular degeneration, is projected to hit 10 million by 2050. Fight for Sight is referring to this as the '1 to 20' funding gap.

Fight for Sight’s Chief Executive, Sherine Krause said: “Despite the evidence that the prevalence of sight loss is rising, the scale of this growing health challenge is not being taken seriously. We desperately need the input of those affected by sight loss and eye conditions to demonstrate its impact and to secure more funding for pioneering eye research. If we can close the '1 to 20' research funding gap, we can help transform the lives of people living with sight loss conditions.”

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