Help us review up-and-coming treatments for corneal disorders

04 May 16

written by:

Ade Deane-Pratt

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We’re looking for patients, relatives and carers of people with corneal conditions to join a 2-hour focus group in London on 27 May.

Side-view of the human eye, viewed approximately 90 degrees temporal, illustrating how the iris and pupil appear rotated towards the viewer due to the optical properties of the cornea. Paul Savage.

Do you or does someone you know have a condition that affects the cornea? It can be from illness, injury or an inherited corneal dystrophy. Fight for Sight is looking for patients, relatives or carers of people with corneal conditions to join a morning or afternoon focus group in our London offices on Friday 27 May.

We are working with the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) on a horizon scan of new and emerging treatments for corneal conditions. NIHR is the government body that coordinates and funds NHS research.

Quality of life

The aim is to find out what new therapies are being developed for corneal disorders and we are keen to have input from people who may be directly affected before the final report is published. We’d like your opinion on what difference any treatments identified in the horizon scan might make to your quality of life and whether you see any potential problems that it would be useful to overcome before the treatments were available.

The horizon scan is one of the things we’re doing in response to the Sight Loss and Vision Priority Setting Partnership in which patients, relatives, carers and health professional came together to identify the most important questions that should be answered by eye research. People with an interest in corneal and external eye conditions said that a priority question for them was:

 “Can new therapies such as gene or stem cell treatments be developed for corneal diseases?”

How to get involved

If you’re interested in taking part, email to let us know whether you would prefer to come on 27 May from 10am-12pm or from 2pm-4pm. Please respond by the end of the day on Tuesday 10 May.