Helping the Fight for Sight

14 April 16

written by:

Heather Fanning

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Welcome to our two newest interns, Haley Mitchell and Robert Wurtenberg. They are a long way from the Liberty Bell and cheesesteaks in their home of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. However, they are finding their four month stay in the UK to be a refreshing change of pace. Despite still habitually looking the opposite way to cross the street, Haley and Robert feel as though they have adjusted rather well to England.

Since coming to the UK in January as study abroad students, Haley and Robert have taken classes for the first half of their semester and started their internship at Fight for Sight during the second half of their semester. Haley is our marketing and communications assistant and Robert is our fundraising assistant. Prior to joining the team, neither Haley nor Robert had any knowledge of our Fight for Sight. Once reviewing our website and conducting some research, they both reported that they were eager to begin working.

When asked about Fight for Sight Haley said, “I think Fight for Sight’s mission is admirable because not only do they fundraise for eye research, they give hope to those who are quite literally fighting for their sight. Since interning at Fight for Sight, I have taken away that I may not develop an eye condition today or tomorrow, but myself, a family member, or my future child could develop one later down the road, which is why fundraising now is so important. I am delighted to be a part of Fight for Sight team.”

Robert added, “I knew I would enjoy working for a company such as Fight for Sight, whose mission to end sight loss is inspiring. Not only does Fight for Sight raise vital funds for eye research but they also do anything they can to help individuals with eye conditions and their families have a positive outlook for the future. I am looking forward to contributing any way I can.”

If you are interested in an internship at Fight for Sight, please email

To help the fight against sight loss please donate by texting EYES08 £5 to 70070.