Volunteer to cheer on our London Marathon Runners

18 March 24

written by:

Press Office

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Would you like to cheer for our runners at the London Marathon? We are very excited to get together at the marathon this year especially and will be supporting runners across Fight for Sight and Vision Foundation.

Fancy fuelling the marathon with feel-good energy?

This year we’ve got more than 30 incredible and determined people running the London marathon for us, and in doing so raising funds and awareness to save sight and change lives.
Now, we’re looking for upbeat, high-energy cheerleaders to support those runners as they take on the 26.2 miles (and enjoy the feel-good magic of marathon day in the process)!

Find us here:
1. Tower Bridge from 10am – 2pm
2. Cannon Street (Whittington Gardens) from 11am – 3pm

Two members of our organisation standing behind the marathon barricades. They have a flag and tambourine to cheer runners on.
What you need to know about being a cheerleader…

Running the marathon is a long day, and supporting it can be, too. Here are some things you need to know.

Fuel and facilities

We’ll have some treats with us but you’ll need to keep energy levels up! Luckily there are plenty of excellent places near our two supporter locations, where you can pick up sandwiches and drinks (and use the bathroom facilities too). Don’t forget to bring your water bottle and snacks to give you plenty of energy to cheer on our runners!

Our cheer squad!

Our cheering squad will be made up of people from our merged charity, Fight for Sight / Vision Foundation, so look out for the large Vision Foundation and Fight for Sight banners at Whittington Gardens!

TCS London Marathon App

The app makes it much easier to keep track of any friends and family who are running, as it will update with their mile marker points as they go. Make sure you have it downloaded before the day!

Squad snaps!

If you are snapping photos throughout the day, we would love to see them! Happy to share your pictures for us to use on our social media, website and future promotional materials? Then please send us some of your favourites at info@fightforsight.org.uk titled ‘Marathon Photos’ or post on Instagram/Twitter and use the hashtag #F4SMarathon24 or #VFMarathon24

The marathon is always enjoyable, it’s so inspiring to see people achieving something epic and knowing that by cheering them on, you keep them going. We really hope you’ll be able to join us in making some noise and filling the capital with feel-good energy!