Michel Roux Jr supports Fight for Sight this National Eye Health Week

24 September 19

written by:

Alice Mitchell

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This National Eye Health Week, celebrity chef - Michel Roux Jr - is supporting Fight for Sight by raising awareness of the need for regular eye tests, after almost losing his sight on two occasions due to a detached retina.

In his letter, he said:

This week is National Eye Health Week and I’m supporting eye research charity Fight for Sight to raise awareness of the importance of looking after your eyes. Research for the charity has shown that only 30% of Brits are aware that unhealthy eating could affect their sight and just 40% are aware that smoking is linked to some eye diseases. Twenty eight percent of British adults get their eyes tested less than the recommended once every two years, with nearly one in ten (9%) never getting their eyes tested at all.

I came dangerously close to losing my sight after two detached retinas in the span of just a few years. Without prompt medical treatment, I would have lost my sight completely – a frightening prospect that would have impacted my day-to-day life and limited my ability to continue in a career that I love. I’d encourage everyone to think about keeping their eyes healthy this National Eye Health Week.

Yours faithfully,
Michel Roux Jr

The importance of getting your eyes tested

Regular check-ups are vital, even if you have no symptoms. Getting your eyes tested is one of the most important ways of detecting and preventing the progression of common eye conditions such as glaucoma. Have your eyes tested every two years even if you think your vision is fine. An eye test can also spot some eye conditions and other illnesses not related to sight.

You can find more information on eye health here.