Novice lockdown runner is taking on first-ever London Marathon for son Elliot

17 September 21

written by:

Eva Astreinidou

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Steve Hancock is preparing for his first-ever marathon

Inspired by his 18-year-old son Elliot, novice runner Steve is taking on a virtual London Marathon this October after challenging himself to run his first 5K during lockdown.

“During the first lockdown 2020 I was unable to play golf anymore and was looking for something to keep me active. I began running on a treadmill at home but soon got bored and ventured outside to run with my partner Sonya. I loved every minute of it and my early runs soon got up to 5k. I challenged myself to complete my first 10k by my 50th birthday in May 2020 which was a little over a month after I started.

“After that, I completed a few virtual races in 2020 and finally later in the year my first proper 10k race. I was hooked.

“I thought it would be great to run a marathon at least once in my life but was determined that it would be for charity. The charity I chose was Fight for Sight for all the research they do into sight loss.

“My son Elliot was diagnosed with Keratoconus at 14, a degenerative eye condition with no cure as of yet. At 16 years old he had cross linking to hopefully halt any further progression of the disease. So far this has been successful and is showing no signs as yet of worsening.

“Elliot through all this has never let this affect him. He is a goalkeeper( a very good one in fact) and has been through all his teenage years, and never let this disease beat him down. He plays wearing sports goggles to help his sight and constantly amazes me with his attitude and commitment in everything he does. He is now 18 and off to university to study physiotherapy. I can only wish him well.

“I chose Fight for Sight as my charity so I could give a little back that may one day help him or others in a similar situation.

“I may never do a marathon again but I will never stop fighting for him. If he can do all this in his short life then the hard work of a marathon and the training is insignificant in comparison.”

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