Podcast: Niki shares her story of living with uveitic glaucoma and sight loss

03 December 19

written by:

Róisín Treacy

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Niki de Lara in her home in Folkestone

In the latest episode of Fight for Sight's podcast Eye Research Matters, supporter Niki de Lara shares her story of living with uveitis glaucoma and sight loss.

Niki was diagnosed with a condition called uveitis many years ago, which led to her developing glaucoma. As a result of her condition, Niki has no sight in her right eye; while in her ‘seeing eye’, she struggles with glare and depth perception. Her condition severely affects her quality of life.

Niki tells our host Róisín that she is determined to help others with glaucoma feel less isolated and so she and her husband have started the website and support group Glaucomarize.

Fight for Sight is currently funding 21 glaucoma research projects across the UK aimed at preventing and treating this devastating condition. This research will have a huge impact on people like Niki, who are living with glaucoma.

To share your story of living with sight loss, email roisin@fightforsight.org.uk.

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