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30 May 24

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Press Office

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Read Forward Vision, our 2024 Spring Newsletter.

A very warm welcome to the summer 2024 edition of Forward Vision, keeping you updated on how we’re continuing to drive scientific discoveries and support projects that build a brighter future.

Your kindness is what makes all this possible. Without your regular support, we wouldn’t have been able to invest £15 million in the crucial research that’s bringing us ever closer to new drugs and therapies, or approximately £1.5 million in societal projects. Every day, we work with purpose for you, our valued supporters.

While these may seem like large numbers, they are a drop in the ocean of our desired ambition to save sight, and change lives. Only 1.5 percent of public research funding is allocated to eye research* in the UK, which makes it imperative we do all we can to plug the funding gap. Together, we can do more to secure a future more of us will see. Our team is already working harder, establishing more partnerships, and influencing policymakers.

By the time you read this, spring – with all the hope it brings – will be in full swing, but these are worrying times of instability across the world. Yet we must not lose sight of our long-term mission, and we thank you for staying with us and donating what you can.

This will be our last newsletter with this branding. As you’ll read on page three, we’re working hard to create a brand that is inclusive and relevant while carrying an urgent message about sight loss to the UK. I do hope you will continue on this journey with us as we build to bigger investments in research and societal improvements.

Thank you for always being by our sides – it means so much.

Ranjeet Kharé

Director of Development

Fight for Sight / Vision Foundation

Download a PDF version of Forward Vision here.


New brand, continued commitment

We’re united around a single mission: Save sight. Change lives.

It’s now a year since Fight for Sight and Vision Foundation merged. We’re funding the brilliant minds and bright ideas that bring change and hope a step closer for everyone impacted by vision loss. Specifically, we’re backing science that’s bringing prevention, treatment and cures within reach. We’re also funding sustainable projects that deliver equity.

Read more about the merger.


Understanding and preventing glaucoma

Professor Paul Foster is heading up a Fight for Sight / Vision Foundation funded study that’s investigating the effect of lifestyle factors on how glaucoma develops. These include alcohol, smoking, exercise and diet. He’s carrying out his research, over three years, based at the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology.

Read more about Professor Paul Foster's research.


Groundbreaking report inspires powerful audio drama

A new audio drama, The Unseen, is shining a spotlight on the unique experiences of domestic abuse survivors who are blind and vision impaired.

Read more about The Unseen audio drama.


Running towards a brighter future 

Tommy Salisbury, 23, is the inspiration behind the Family Fund set up by his mum, Emma, when he was five years old. Years on, the Fund is celebrating raising over £700,000 for Fight for Sight and shows no sign of slowing down. Nor does Tommy, who just ran his second London Marathon and the London Landmarks Half Marathon – both to raise funds for sight-saving research.

Read more about Tommy's journey.


A gift to remember

 For many people who have lost a loved one, making a gift in their memory is a special and significant way to remember them and support the causes they held close to their heart.

The act of giving in memory can provide a source of comfort, as well as a diversion or focus point and the feeling of making a positive, lasting difference.

Read more about gifts in wills.


If you can, please consider donating to help us continue saving sight and changing lives.

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