Database of features of normal eye blood flow.

Research details

  • Type of funding: Fight for Sight / National Eye Research Centre Small Grant Award
  • Grant Holder: Dr Adam Dubis
  • Institute: Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Region: London
  • Start date: February 2018
  • End Date: March 2021
  • Priority: Early detection
  • Eye Category: Retinal vascular


All tissues require a sufficient flow of oxygenated blood from capillaries for maintenance. The system of vessels which carry blood to the retina (retinal vasculature) is susceptible to injury. Understanding the normal way the blood vessel system is regulated, will help identify any abnormal changes in vascular disease.

Using cameras which have been developed to allow the visualisation of the smallest capillaries, vessel walls and identification of individual cells moving through the vessel. This camera will be used to develop a database for features of normal eye blood flow. This database will include information on the density and arrangement of blood vessels, maps of blood flow rate by vessel size and how quickly and magnitude of blood flow increase in response to visual stimulation.

The database will define a range of healthy blood flow which means that abnormal blood flow could be determined. This information could result in better diagnostic markers and potentially better treatment targets and patient management.