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Through funding groundbreaking research, people with some inherited retinal conditions could look forward to a day when their sight is restored or sight loss prevented.

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Image shows Dr Milosavljevic working in her Lab. She wears a white coat and laboratory equipment surrounds her.

Cutting edge research

Dr Nina Milosavljevic has been working on developing a cutting-edge, new optogenetics treatment approach that could restore sight in people with retinal disease. It does this by re-introducing the ability to sense light to the retina, using a harmless virus, so that other viable retinal cells can sense light.

Degenerative retinal disorders cause light-sensing cells called photoreceptors, found in the back of the eye, to stop working and die, meaning people with inherited retinal disease progressively lose sight. Current treatments only delay the process.

This optogenetics therapy has already shown promising results in a recent clinical trial, with early evidence suggesting some sight can be restored in patients.

That it could get to this stage is only possible thanks to our supporter’s donations.

Donations that enabled us to award Nina early career research funding.

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Currently, 2.5 million people in the UK are living with sight loss – by 2050, the figure is expected to reach 3.5 million – and some of those will be living with retinal degeneration. It is exciting to be within reach of developing a treatment with the potential to do so much for people with these conditions. People who, at the moment, are seeing less and less.

People of future generations who, with this treatment, might never have to lose their sight in the first place.

This summer, help us fund more groundbreaking research.

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How your donation could help

Your donation could support researchers such as Dr Milosavljevic:

  • £20 could pay for essential laboratory equipment such as pipette and cell culture dishes
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  • £80 could help towards funding crucial research with the potential to reverse or prevent sight loss
  • £100 could help support PhD students with living costs, eliminating barriers to their entering ophthalmic research

With your help, Dr Milosavljevic's work can continue. Thank you.

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