Team G Singh

The Singh family is raising money to fund research towards their boys' eye condition, Choroideremia. This is their story.

The year 2021 was a difficult year for the family. In a space of nine months they learnt that both their boys have choroideremia, an eye condition which causes progressive vision loss and ultimately leads to blindness.

Now, the dedicated parents want to raise funds to go towards research that could potentially help their boys before their vision is significantly affected. 

There currently is no cure for choroideremia and research and clinical trials are taking place but many are focused on adults rather than children.

They told us:

“My eldest son is only nine years old and is already showing signs of vision loss and night blindness. Waiting until they are 18 for a potential clinical trial may be too late for them. My boys are still unaware that they have choroideremia. One day I will have to tell them and that will be the hardest day of my life, that day will be easier, if I am able to tell them that there is treatment for them. A treatment or cure will only happen if we can raise the funds.”