Tips to maintain good eye health during the pandemic

11 January 21

written by:

Róisín Treacy

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A woman smiling at the camera, making a heart shape with her hands.

A recent survey by Fight for Sight of 2,000 people in the UK has found that half of people’s screen time has increased since the pandemic began – of these 38% believe their eyesight has been affected as a result. This has lead to difficulty reading, migraines and poorer night vision.

We've put together a list of top tips for keeping our eyes healthy during the pandemic 

Tip 1:
Have your eyes tested every two years even if you think your vision is fine. An eye test can spot some eye conditions and other illnesses not related to sight. Regular check-ups are vital even if you have no symptoms. Opticians have remained open for appointments during lockdown. 

Tip 2: If you find your screen time has increased as a result of  the pandemic, try to adopt the ’20-20-20’ rule which recommends that for every 20 minutes spent using a screen, you should try to look away at something that is 20 feet away from you for a total of 20 seconds. Following the rule should reduce eye strain caused by looking at screens for too long.

Tip 3: Wear safety glasses or protective goggles to protect your eyes from injury if you are doing DIY, gardening or setting off fireworks. 

Tip 4: Being fit and well can help your eyes stay healthy. Maintaining a healthy weight and blood pressure may help with eye health. Protect your eyes when playing sports involving flying balls.

Tip 5: Make sure your diet includes nutrients such as Omega-3 fatty acids, zinc and vitamins C and E. These may help to slow progress of age-related vision problems such as macular degeneration. Recommended foods for general good health include green leafy vegetables, oily fish such as salmon and citrus fruits.

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