Feast your Eyes ideas

Have a look at some of our ideas to get you started.

Cheese and wine

It can be as simple as a cheese and wine evening at your house. Test everyone’s skills at recognising cheeses - and wines.

Lunch with friends

A great reason to gather together your favourite people and have a catch up with a difference. It could be at home, in the pub or get your local café involved.

Dinner party

Invite your family and friends round for dinner. Ask your guests to put blindfolds on before you serve and see who can guess what’s on their plate. A recipe for a fun evening.

Restaurant takeover

Ask a local restaurant if they can do a set menu. If you choose a quiet night for them, it’ll be win win. Ask your guests for an additional donation to Fight for Sight. Plus run a raffle or wine tasting challenge.

At home

It can be as easy as inviting your family round for Sunday lunch.

At work

Organise a lunch for your colleagues. Get everyone to bring a dish and have a tasting competition. Though it doesn't need to be a sit down affair. How about organising a blind cake tasting challenge?

At school

School lunch with a difference? Or try some special tasting challenges and link in with learning about the senses.

Organise a feast at school or kids party

With your club or group

Are you a member of a sports club? Incorporate Feast your Eyes into your post-match get-together or organise a club fundraiser. Get your church, community group, scouts, brownies or youth club involved. Find some willing volunteers to bring some dishes and gather together to test your taste buds.

Get in touch for more information and if you'd like to host an event, email Jo on events@fightforsight.org.uk

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