Feast your Eyes planning

Check out our tips to help you host a successful feast

Where and when

Host a dinner party in your home, organise a lunch at work or stage a restaurant takeover. There are plenty more options besides. Decide on what you want to do and what will work best for you and the people you know.

Invite your guests

Once you've decided your venue and date, send your Feast your Eyes invites out. Make sure you allow enough time for people to get it in their diaries.

Decide your menu

Serve your favourite dishes or try a new taster menu to challenge your guests’ taste buds.

Donations online

You can use your Feast your Eyes supporter page to collect donations online. It’s quick and easy, and means you don’t have to gather cash in. It also means that you can share your page and those that can’t attend can still donate.

Fundraising ideas

Add an extra fundraising element to your event. How about a raffle or a taste challenge?

Spread the word

You’re doing an amazing thing so shout about it. Share your supporter page on social media and get some photos on the day. Tag us in and use #feastyoureyes.

Collecting in donations

You can pay in cash donations online. Or by telephone or post. Make sure to mention it’s for Feast your Eyes.

Keep it going

Why not pass the host baton on? Get one of your guests to pledge to host their own feast.

Thank you

We’re very grateful for your support in fundraising for Fight for Sight. Don’t forget to let your guests know how much you raised and how great their support is too!

Get in touch for more information and if you'd like to host an event, email Jo on events@fightforsight.org.uk

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